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I am certainly not a computer geek, so I hope that you are able to follow your way around this site.
The idea is to bring topical comments up, some gossip and personal views on the sport that we all spend our lives concentrating on.
We will take the michael out of people- in the best possible taste of course.
We will comment on issues that are in need of discussion.

You can have your say on the corkboards- please put your name to it- I will delete anonymous entries. You can vote on our topical polls- if you want a poll created send me your idea.

Meeting Reviews
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Corkboard Discussions
We need your input Post a question or a piece of advice to the corkboards:

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Need a rollcage, fuel tank, restrictor plate, carb assembly or advice.

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Photo Gallery
Send me your grassing photos- all types of car and driver !! wanted

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